You are still the most beautiful.

It is only my pain which paints the demons wrapped around your hands whenever they reach out to touch me. If only you would grasp the colors of love and splash me with them; Perhaps then, they can erase the blues and greys stained upon my heart by your mistakes.



Happiness is fleeting, but each moment is a mixture of emotion, reminding me to think in terms of content, grateful, and satisfied. Somehow, this has allowed the happiness to linger in the atmosphere, just a little while longer than usual. That’s beautiful.

W i L D.

You were wild and I think that’s why I liked you so much. A sense of danger crept up my spine whenever we locked eyes, and your mischevious grin sent my mind into a spiral of sin. I couldn’t win against your electric grip, but for once, I found a pleasure in losing my sense.


What happened to you broke you in many ways. Unfathomably. It happens to the best of us, really. And yeah, at times, it’s as if life is quicksand, sucking you in with every worry, but panicking won’t help you escape and being indifferent will surely lead you to a perilous fate. So what can you really do? Just breathe and believe that you are capable of living. The rest will work itself out.

A N i M A L .

I’ve always wanted to know a man that could climb mountains. One that could use his limbs so fiercely with vigor and in pure animalistic fashion. One that would grab me with just one arm and take me with him so that he could show me how to climb mountains too, because I’d be too afraid to do it alone. I want to live with him in those mountains and eat off of the Earth, learn what it is to be one with this fragment of the multiverse, and submerge into his touch beneath a gorgeous sea of stardust.


Close your eyes.Listen.Kiss my scars.My laughter soon comes after,even amongst attack and disaster.Can you feel my heart beat faster?It’s a master at disguise, composing music as if were so joyously alive, and yet deep down inside, it’s died infinite times. Healing. I’m healing. It never stops, this ride.There’s a remedy here and there I hear, works like magic for despair (of course it wears), but there’s no cure for pure tragic (it’s always there) and that’s why I’m healing, I’m healing. That’s why I’m bleeding. I’m bleeding.That’s why I’m laughing,I’m crying. I’m dying, I’m growing…but…Healing is just another dressed up word for life and,Life is a rollercoaster ride with twists and turns of both darkness and light.So…Close your eyes.Kiss my scars.My laughter soon comes after. Let’s make love in all of this chaos and disaster,quickly before the fall takes us swiftly!Healing. We’re healing.Falling. We’re falling.Kiss me. Kiss me.Soon you’ll miss me.

Note To Self 24/7‼️

Certain things are out of your control, but for the most part, your decisions shape your fate. Taking responsibility for your choices can sometimes be hard to face, when there are so many things you could beat yourself up over every day. However, no matter what, you must maintain faith that your choices will someday come together and lead you to the gates of your peace and pleasure. What have you got to lose by having a little faith? Your rising is a but a single breath away, and with a little work, the doors to endless possibility will be yours to break. Have faith. Have faith. What you desire is coming your way.